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How can I cope with my stress on a daily basis, free myself from my fatigue, my fears, my guilt and my ill-being ?

What can I do with my blocked emotions? How can I understand the messages of my body and find the taste of living ?

OGE « The reverse of ego » Seminar

Aim: to discover through the OGE "The reverse of ego" method how to free oneself from blockages, fears and other brakes in order to LIVE on a daily basis in contact with our inner resources.

Duration: A day from 9:00 to 18:00 on Saturday (about 2 hours break for lunch).


Module 1 : The mind 

  • Blockages
  • Mastering or switching off the mind
  • Self-confidence

Module 2 : Emotions

  • Fears and guilt
  • Recognize, Feel and Express emotions

Module 3: The inner Core

  • Innate knowledge, creativity and intuition
  • The basics of quantum physics and epigenetics
  • Be yourself

Equipment not provided: Bring something to take notes.

Facilitators : Daniel Dufour M.D.  - founder of the OGE concept and method, and / or OGE facilitators

Admission conditions: No prerequisites

Follow-up : Possibility of obtaining the OGE “The reverse of ego” certificate by participating in an OGE "The reverse of ego" workshop.  

Switzerland :

Location : Switzerland- Geneva

Coût : CHF 400.- taxes included

For more information : Call  +41 79 754 81 11

Canada :

Location : Canada - Montréal

Cost : CAN $400.00.- taxes included

For more information : Call  514.826.8065 or 1.888.875.8805

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