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The OGE « The reverse of ego » concept and method

The OGE « The reverse of ego » concept

In freedom and security, accompany the individual to:

  • regain his autonomy by freeing himself from the grip of the ego
  • reconnect its inner core

Releasing the brakes, fears and blockages, to help the individual to regain his self-esteem, his emotions, his innate knowledge, his creativity and his intuition, in order to live to the full.

Deny all power-based therapies and approaches that that do not view the individual as an autonomous, vibrational being.

Bring in the notions of love and self-respect, in order to preserve and / or restore well-being.

Self-respect and love are both the means and the end.

The OGE « The reverse of ego » method 

Innovative and powerful, it goes in the opposite direction of the ego and makes it possible to put the concept into practice.

It has three pillars, the first of which is the obligatory passage to reach the two others:

  • Switch off the mind 
  • Recognize, feel and express emotions of joy, sadness, and anger  
  • Reconnect with our innate knowledge and inner core
  • What is the ego ?

    The ego (the mind, the chatter box) has three main characteristics and is defined as the one which cuts us off from:

    • the present moment
    • recognizing, feeling and expressing our emotions of joy, sadness and anger
    • our innate knowledge and inner core
  • How to switch off the mind ?

    Bringing our attention on our physical body and bringing our attention to our senses in order to be in the present moment, which the only moment where we are connected to our emotions and the person we are

  • What is the inner core ?

    The part of ourselves that is connected to the universe and to the Whole and that makes us beings with all the quantum possibilities.

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