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2. Form to be approved : Conditions of participation: I, the undersigned, wish to register for an OGE « The reverse of ego » seminar and agree to pay the sum of Can$400 (payment in CAN only). I will receive by e-mail a written confirmation of my registration. Upon confirmation of my participation, and in order to maintain my registration, I agree to pay within 10 (ten) days the amount due mentioned above. In the interest of the smooth running of the OGE « The reverse of ego » seminar, I undertake not to reveal to third parties the identities of the other seminar participants, without the agreement of the interested parties. Terms of cancellation: I understand that unless notice of cancellation received in writing from the organizers at least 7 (seven) days before the start of my seminar, the amount paid of Can$400 cannot be returned to me. The organizers reserve the right to modify the dates and places of the seminars, if necessary. I have read and I accept the conditions of participation and cancellation

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