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Return to the present moment

Free yourself from your blocked emotions (joy, sadness and anger)

Find the person we are with his taste for life

Who is the method for?

My mental health is threatened : I am in a bad state, I feel emptied, I am tired and have no desire; I am afraid, I am full of fear; I feel anxious; I lost confidence in myself; I have sleep problems; I'm tired of everything and I have no interest in my present life…

How to get better?

Manage my emotions or live and express my emotions? I have a lot of emotions, I feel bad with my emotions! My emotions are blocked! I am too emotional! What can I do with my rage, my sadness?

How to do it?

What does my illness tell me? Understand the ills of my body.

How to heal differently?

How can I be helped?

Workshop :To find well-being and a taste for life by learning to take advantage of the present moment, to get rid of your fears, your anxiety, to live your blocked emotions and to heal differently.

Seminar : Free yourself from tension, fatigue, blockages, fears and emotions so you can regain well-being, intuition and good mental and physical health.

Training courses : Manage your stress, deal with the difficulties and conflicts encountered in your professional or personal life in order to bounce back and regain your well-being.

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